Alan M. Fryday
Assistant Curator of the Herbarium (non-vascular cryptogams)
Ph.D.(University of Sheffield, UK)

Department of Plant Biology
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1312 USA
Phone: (517) 355-4696
Fax: (517) 353-1926


The Michigan State University Herbarium houses an internationally important lichen collection, mainly assembled by Dr. Henry A. Imshaug (curator of the cryptogamic herbarium from 1963-1990) and his students. It is not only one of the largest lichen collections in any North American herbarium but, because of its geographic focus, one of the most important modern collections anywhere in the world. The lichen collection has three main geographic foci: North America, the Caribbean, and the southern subpolar region, and it is the last of these which makes the collection unique.

From 1967 to 1974 Dr. Imshaug and his graduate students (Richard C. Harris, Karl. Ohlsson) went on several NSF funded expeditions to collect lichens from the southern hemisphere. Many of the places they visited were remote island groups that had not previously been visited by a specialist lichenologist, and the collections they made represent the largest collections ever made from these places. Among the places they visited were The Falkland Islands and Isla de los Estados in South America; Iles Kerguelen in the southern Indian Ocean, and the Auckland Isalnds and Campbell Island south of New Zealand.

Many of the collections have not been fully identified, and among those that have there are countless new species (over 100 were given working names by Dr. Imshaug and accessioned into the collection) and many new genera. Much of my work is involved with curating this remarkable and unique collection; working on them myself, and arranging loans to experts throughout the world who are studying genera or groups.

I am particularly interested in crustose saxicolous and terricolous lichens; especially the genera Fuscidea and Porpidia and the non-yellow species of Rhizocarpon, and I continue my studies of this group as and when time permits.

Porpidia striata Fryday sp. nov.
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Selected Recent Publications

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Fryday, A. M. 2006: New North America records of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi from the alpine and sub-alpine zones of Mt. Katahdin, Maine. Bryologist 109: 570 –578

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