Thallus effuse, consisting of contiguous, grey to ochracous, flat to convex areoles; medulla and upper algal-free layer I+ violet. Photobiont chlorococcoid; cells 912 m diam., arranged in a discontinuous layer composed of vertically aligned columns c. 5 cells wide.
Apothecia black, 0.40.8 mm diam., immersed in the thallus; disc convex when young becoming gyrose when mature, proper margin, striate, in section cupular, carbonaceous, c. 50 m wide laterally, 20 m at base. Hymenium 170180 m tall, upper 1520 m with brown pigment; paraphyses richly branched and anastomosing, 11.5 m wide, apically to 2.02.5 m; epihymenium brownish. Asci clavate-cylindrical, c. 60 15 m, Porpidia-type; ascospores simple, hyaline, subglobose to ellipsoid, with a thin halo, 1215 68 m. Hypothecium hyaline.
Conidiomata: pycnidia, slit-like, 1020 m long, simple or branched, black with a white pseudomargin; conidia bacilliform, 67 m long.

Chemistry: no substances by TLC.

Distribution and Ecology: Known from a single collection from damp siliceous rocks in Tasmania. Associated species include Collema durietzii Degel., Xanthoparmelia mougeotina (Nyl.) D.J. Galloway, and unidentified species of Aspicilia and Placopsis. Remarks: This species appears to closely resemble P. urbanskyana (Zahlbr.) Hertel, from which it differs in its much smaller ascospores and cool-temperate, as opposed to subantarctic, locality.

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Thallus and apothecia
Young apothecia
Section of thallus
Thallus section
Thallus section