Thallus: pinkish-white
Apothecia:urceolate with orangish disc
Hymenium: KI+ blue-green, becoming orangish
Paraphyses: sparse, branched and anastomosing, free at tips
Spores: 8/ascus, simple, (27-)35-39(-42) x 18-21(-25) Ám, thick walled (ca. 2.5 Ám)

Chemistry: no substances by TLC.

Campbell Island; three localities, on siliceous rock.

Superficially similar to Gyalectaria, but the spores of that genus are thin-walled. In particular, it clsely resembles Gyalectaria jamesii but that species has slightly smaller spores (30-35 x 15-20 Ám) and is corticolous.

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