Thallus: thin, creamy-white, occassionally with obscurely lobed margin. Medulla I+ violet.
Apothecia: numerous, angular, usually < 0.3 mm across, rarely larger (to 0.6 mm) and orbicular, innate with concave, dark brown disc.
Ascus: ?Lecidea-type.
Hymenium: composed of branched and anastomosing paraphyses; epihymenium brown.
Hypothecium: hyaline.
Ascospores: simple, broadly ellipsoid, 12-15 x 6-8 µm.

Chemistry: Thallus K+ red; norstictic acid by TLC.

Known only from siliceous rocks and pebbles on the Falkland Islands.

Similar to L. lapicida var. pantherina (L. lactea), but with smaller, innate apothecia, a brown epihymenium and broader ascospores.

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Apothecial section

Spores and paraphyses