Thallus: composed of ±dispersed yellow areoles on a black hypothellus; medulla I+ violet.
Apothecia: present in only one collection (I-39968C), orbicular or slightly angular, black, 0.2-0.25(-0.35) Ám across, sessile, flat with a persistent raised margin.
Ascus: Micarea-type.
Hymenium: composed of simple or sparingly branched, non-capitate paraphyses that are lax in K; epihymenium aeruginose.
Hypothecium: hyaline.
Ascospores: simple, broadly ellipsoid, 10.5-11.5 x 5-6µm.
Exciple: cupular, dark brown with blue cortical cells.

Chemistry: Thallus K+ yellow, C+ yellow, KC+ orange.

Known only from siliceous rocks and pebbles from Mt. Usbourne on the Falkland Islands.

The Micarea-type asci make this species difficult to place. It certainly does not belong in Lecidea s. str., neither does not belong in either Micarea or Hertelidea, the two genera with this type of ascus.

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Thallus and Apothecia
Apothecial section
Apothecial section in K
Spores and
paraphyses in K
Exciple in K