Thallus: immersed in substrate.
Apothecia: flat, 0.4-0.6 mm diam., densly blue-grey pruinose, with thin, persistent proper margin.
Epihymenium: brownish, granular, granules dissolving in K.
Hypothecium: hyaline.
Paraphyses: slender (1-1.5 Ám) with swollen (to 5 Ám), pigmented cap, sparingly branched and anastomosing below, lax in K.
Exciple: composed of thin, radiating, astomosing hyphae, with swollen (c. 5 Ám) cortical, dark brown (K+ red-brown) cells, hyaline within. Olivaceous (H+ blue-grey, N+ red) pigment also sometimes present.
Spores: 13-15 x 8-9 Ám, simple, hyaline, thick walled (c. 1 Ám).
Ascus: Lecidella-type.

Known only from two collections from worked timber (fence) and planted trees on the Falkland Islands.


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Thallus & Apothecia


Exciple in K