Austrolecia fabispora ad int.

Thallus grey areolate, irregularly dispersed on a black prothallus.
Apothecia immersed, flat to concave, black, shiny, c. 0.1mm diam. Arising from the prothallus.
Ascospores c. 17 x 5-6 Ám, curved, 8/ascus.
Thecium 100-110Ám.
Epihymenium and Hypothecium dilute brown with slight olivaceous tinge, K+ brighter brown.
Paraphyses branched and anastomosing, not or barely swollen at apices, lax in K.
Asci Catillaria-type.
Exciple carbonaceous, dark blue-black, extending under thecium.

Chemistry Thallus K+ red crystals; norstictic acid by TLC.

Distribution: Five collections; two from Campbell Island, three from Isla Desolacion, Chile.

Notes: The description given above refers to the Campbell Island specimens. South American material (Isla Desolacion) has an aeruginose epihymenium and hyaline hypothecium and the thallus contains atranorin in addition to norstictic acid, but is otherwise identical. It is provisionally refered to A. fabispora var. cyanea but may be worthy of species rank. This disjunct distribution (NZ Shelf Islands/Isla Desolacion) is shared by several other saxicolous species. and several other species.

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