The Lichen Database
This is a SPECIFY database containing all the label data associated with the lichen specimens in the Michigan State University Herbarium; such as collector, collection date, locality, and habitat, along with all additional information added as annotations; such as chemistry, spore dimensions, apothecial pigments. All name changes and additional species known to be present on the specimen were also recorded. Data was entered mostly by student workers and verified by MSU Herbarium staff.

Click here for more information on the project and data entry process.

How to Search the Database
Specify searches (a.k.a. “queries”) work as filters and return records that match the criteria you select.

You can search the database in two ways:
EXPRESS SEARCH: This will be sufficient for most purposes. For example, if you want to query for all the collections in a genus or all the collections from a specific county, then type in the name and hit return.
ADVANCED SEARCH: This allows you to fully customize your search.

The fields that are returned using the queries above are pre-selected. More data is contained in the database than is readily available on-line. If you require any additional data, prefer the data in a different format, or have any other questions or comments concerning this database, please contact Alan Fryday or Alan Prather

Citation: Please cite all uses of this database (see below) and inform us of any publication that uses these data in any way. If possible, please send us a reprint or .pdf.

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Johnson, Andrew J., Fryday, Alan M., and Prather, L. Alan. “The Michigan State University Herbarium Lichen Database.” 2005. n. pag. Michigan State University Herbarium: “Day” “Month” “Year”; <>

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